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Multimodal Transportation Management
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Kewill’s innovative solutions enable customers to streamline their supply chains and efficiently MOVE goods and information across the globe.

  • We deliver quantifiable value to our customers by forging long-term partnerships that help them minimize risk and grow their business.
  • The Kewill MOVE platform automates complex logistics processes and provides unparalleled visibility and collaboration tools.
  • We minimize start-up and operational costs and easily integrate with existing business ecosystems to get you up and running quickly.

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  • “Customer satisfaction is enormously important in the air freight sector. We have therefore opted for the best ICS solution on the market. Kewill’s solution offers us strong support for customs clearance processes.”

    Laurence Park
    Deputy General Manager Cargo, Asiana Airlines
  • “We are excited to have Kewill’s world-class supply chain technology as the foundation for INTTRA’s supply chain shipment visibility solution. Together, with access to the INTTRA network and our data quality focus, the result will be improved quality of ocean shipping data, as more accurate, timely and consistent information helps ensure more certainty, speed and savings within the shipping process.”

    Ken Bloom
  • “We were impressed with the strength of the functionality on offer with Kewill MOVE and the fact that we could roll out one integrated platform to manage our core business rather than a series of separate modules that would require integration. The key differentiator, however, was their visibility solution, which will provide us with complete shipment visibility right across our operations, as well as automated event management and in-depth reporting.”

    Luis Alonso Rincon
    Director at Clover Group
  • “From the point of orders being placed, we have already saved 24 hours on order processing because it is all done in real time. Account data is more accurate and we have better control of work in progress. Our customers have also seen a significant increase in the speed of our service. We have a better understanding of what is happening at any moment because we are sharing the same information as our suppliers, meaning we can both improve our efficiency. We have improved control of the process more than ever before and we can now identify and alleviate issues much earlier in the process.”

    David Schofield
    Direct Dispatch Manager, JD Williams
  • “The most important reason for choosing Kewill is the flexibility of the software. Our clients are also looking for a logistics service provider that can offer solutions for all their supply chain issues. Flexible, open systems that provide transparency on performance are essential to support this.”

    Corné Geerts
    CEO of Seacon Logistics
  • “Being able to demonstrate how professional-grade transportation management software functions brings our discussions to life, and allows the class to participate in exercises that prepare them for what they will face in the field. In fact, many of my students accept jobs in the transportation and logistics industry where knowing how to use supply chain management software, such as Kewill Transport, is a requirement.”

    Hakan Yildiz
    Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business
  • “The direct despatch project has proved a win-win for Scotts & Co. and our suppliers. Kewill has enabled us to increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing operational costs and improving visibility for us and our suppliers. They understand the retail supply chain and that showed during the implementation.”

    Keith Greasley
    Warehouse Operations and Logistics Director at Scotts & Co
  • “We needed a logistics solution that would allow us to optimize our operations, continually driving efficiency across all areas of the business. Kewill demonstrated they understood the dynamics of a high volume logistics business and we were impressed with the functionality that comes as standard with its MOVE software, in particular the provision of crucial insight for financial reporting.”

    Mark Newman
    CEO at The Wim Bosman Group
  • “We carried out an extensive study of the supply chain software market to ensure we select not only the best solution for our general cargo business, but also the best fit of vendor. Our evaluation showed Kewill was able to demonstrate its extensive domain knowledge of the international shipping sector, which provides Bahri with the confidence they understand our business and will work with us over the long term to deliver a solution that evolves with our changing requirements.”

    Engineer Saleh Al-Jasser
    CEO of Bahri
  • “Kewill’s technology and global presence have been critical in supporting our growth. We work with their teams in the U.S., Asia and Europe where Kewill’s local domain expertise has been a significant and valuable addition to the technology.”

    John Magee
    CEO Of Crane Worldwide
  • “Our corporate goal of increasing the quality of customer service and automating the customs process will be attained as we go live with Kewill Customs. We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Kewill which enables us to provide an even higher level of service to our customers who depend on us for the movement of their goods.”

    Richard Hanel
    President of H.W. St. John & Co.
  • “Supply chain efficiency is a key focus as we continue to plan for further global expansion. With the Kewill Flagship and Netship software, we are confident we have found a proven solution that is scalable and flexible, enabling us to grow our business with the confidence that our costs are minimized and our shipping processes are consistently followed.”

    Steve Pater
    Director of Transportation at Crate&Barrel


See why customers Kewill Request More Info

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