Kewill Clippership 15.7 Release with Latest Compliance for UPS Mail Innovations

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Industry’s Most Deployed Shipping Software Stays in Forefront of Carrier Certification


Kewill Ltd, a leading provider of shipping solutions that streamline global trade and logistics today announced that the newest release of the most widely deployed parcel shipping solution, Kewill Clippership 15.7 , contains the latest compliance for UPS Mail Innovations. UPS Mail Innovations manages the pick-up, processing and sorting of companies' outbound flat mail pieces, bound printed matter and parcels weighing less than one pound such as books, CDs, catalogs and small products, and then weighs and sorts the mail pieces and applies the postage before delivering the pieces to the U.S.Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery.
Clippership is now fully certified with both UPS and the United States Postal Service for the full suite of technology improvements. With this release, UPS Mail Innovations will take advantage of UPS’s electronic manifesting, as well as support for electronic customs form CN22, thus reducing any manual data entry, and expediting international shipments.
UPS Mail Innovations is also fully part of the Kewill Integrate™ software tool, providing consistent functionality, business rules and integrations to other business process software.
Other details of Clippership 15.7 release:
  • Increased efficiency and timeliness of parcel flow through UPS and USPS hubs.
  • Support for domestic and international shipments from the US.
  • Improvements of both the label and manifest technology through UPS Mail Innovations.
  • Support for the CN22 (4 x 6 format) Customs Label.
  • New release is available immediately.