Get sophisticated, enterprise-level logistics tools without massive upfront costs or heavy IT involvement

Designed for fast implementation and on-demand access, Kewill Cloud provides a robust foundation for the Kewill MOVE® platform – and gives you the tools you need to manage your growing supply chain ecosystem without the IT overhead and large upfront expense.

With turn-key templates and a hosted subscription model, Kewill Cloud gives you world-class logistics management capabilities with low start-up costs and a fast return on investment. You get unlimited integration connections to support your entire logistics network and end-to-end visibility, collaboration and control. The result is an agile, scalable platform that adapts and grows with your business.

Kewill MOVE® is a comprehensive supply chain platform that enables you to become more efficient in the movement of goods and information across your global supply chain. Solutions offered on our MOVE platform allow you to address your specific needs in the areas of transportation management, customs management, warehouse management and global visibility.

Kewill Cloud delivers the perfect combination of supply chain agility, visibility and control and enables you to:

  • Compete on a larger scale
  • Get up and running quickly thanks to best-of-breed process templates
  • Pay-as-you-go with a monthly subscription model
  • Scale on-demand and add functionality as your business grows
  • Stay hands-off on the IT side, with everything hosted, managed and maintained by Kewill
  • Integrate quickly with other business systems and third-party equipment

To learn more about how Kewill Cloud can streamline your supply chain and shrink your IT costs, contact Kewill today.