Knowledgeable Customer Base, Marketplace Longevity, Innovative Solutions and Global Presence – We Have the Domain Expertise, Solutions and People to Deliver Maximum Value

Kewill’s ability to drive value for our customers originates from four sources. First off, we have a broad customer base that includes many of the world’s most respected organizations, and we have been listening to them and learning from them for over 40 years. It’s why we strive to build long lasting partnerships with our customers – so we can fully understand their needs and then solve issues thoroughly and efficiently. It is through this collaboration with our 7,500 customers in over 100 countries that we have learned what different industries need to operate effectively.


Second, the majority of our revenues are derived from SaaS and other recurring sources. This provides us with a high degree of predictability and stability and creates continuity in our workforce. An impressive 20 percent of our employees have been with us over 15 years.


Third, our deep domain experience and expertise have allowed us to create strong value in our integrated supply chain platform – and we deliver that value to you as your business demands.


Finally, we are where you are. We have personnel and offices around the globe. We are ready to support you in your important initiatives wherever they may be, and with the right staff for the job.